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Romeo & Juliet at dairy arts center

Kate is excited to be back at the Dairy Arts Center this spring as Lady Capulet in Romeo & Juliet, produced by Peak to Peak Players. The show will also tour through Colorado, with several shows at the outdoor amphitheater of the Central City Opera House. More details to come soon.

The wolves at boulder ensemble theatre company - DAIRY ARTS CENTER

Kate is playing #46 in the regional premiere of The Wolves by Sarah DeLappe with Boulder Ensemble Theatre Company at the Dairy Arts Center in Boulder, Colorado. The play is about a high school soccer team and was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize in 2017.

“When new girl No. 46 (Kate Parkin) arrives, she throws off the pack. Not just because she’s home- schooled and “needs a shower,” as one Wolf quips. No, the joke’s on them: She’s got skill. While there’s no “I” in team, as the cliché goes, there is one in scholarship.” -The Denver Post

“Why does number 46 live in a yurt — or a yogurt, as another girl calls it? And if she’s been to Cambodia, as she states, does that mean she has some specific knowledge of the country’s blood-soaked history? She seems to be poor. She’s new to the team, inexperienced at the game and takes three buses to get to practice. Another girl says she’s stinky. It turns out that her eccentric mother is a travel writer. What can we piece together out of these fragments?” -Denver Westword


new songs out on youtube

New music + lyric videos out on Kate’s channel.

musical performance at mar vista art walk + geek & sundry

Kate performed at the Mar Vista Art Walk as the musical guest for the Philosopher’s Stone Poets outside of Vintage on Venice. She was also a musical artist for the Art Walk afterparty. She appeared as the musical guest on an episode of ‘Gather Your Party’ with the improv group Robot Teammate on the twitch channel of Geek & Sundry.

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"THE GET" pilot ON CBS

Kate shot a co-star role on the pilot "The Get" by writer Bridget Carpenter (Friday Night Lights, 11.22.63), with Amy Brenneman and Brad Garrett. 

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One of Kate’s favorite venues in LA became home for a while to try out new songs. With the Philosopher’s Stone Poets, a non-profit poetry group, Kate performed her original songs and covers. Some favorites included ‘tearin up my heart’ by NSYNC and her original, ‘kingdom come.’

[originals: ‘the way’ + ‘aphrodite’ + ‘california wildfire’ + ‘big love’]

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