Performed live on the Geek & Sundry Twitch channel! 

Screen Shot 2017-09-23 at 2.39.22 PM.png
Screen Shot 2017-09-23 at 12.47.50 PM.png


poetry honored by City of los angeles 

Congratulations to all of the poets honored by the City of Los Angeles (the Philosopher's Stone Poets). Check out the street signs off Venice Blvd. to spot some transportation inspired haikus by these local writers! Kate's poem is off Venice & Inglewood.

Kate Parkin, Haiku September 2017

Kate Parkin, Haiku September 2017



Played with the Philosopher's Stone Poets outside of Vintage on Venice Blvd. as part of the community street shows. Kate also performed at the AfterParty!

Screen Shot 2017-09-23 at 2.34.26 PM.png


Played a little show at Madrone Art Bar in San Francisco in September! 

Pre-show photography by Los Angeles based artist Sarah Moseley


Featuring San Francisco based dancer Susannah Faulkner.




Kate celebrated her 2 year anniversary of her  Harry Potter + Taylor Swift mashup going viral, 1 year anniversary of her Pokemon-GO + Harry Potter music video being featured on UK radio -- all while at YouTube Space LA for the #GirlLove panel! She also was training in the studio to learn about the studio space for her future videos.


Kate modeled in the soon-to-be-released photo project "More than a Mirror" by Lauren Carlyle Smith - a group desert shoot of women - shot by a woman - celebrating women.  


SEPTEMBER 7 - MAR VISTA ART WALK :: performing at the Mar Vista Art Walk with the Philosopher's Stone Poets, a poetry non-profit based in Los Angeles. Time/details to follow - stay tuned. One of her haikus was selected as part of the Mar Vista Art Walk + LADOT street art project. So take a walk down Venice Blvd. and spot her poetry on one of the street signs! 

EVERY TUESDAY IN MAY :: Kate will be back at Molly Malone's for her weekly Tuesday shows with the Philosopher's Stone Poets. She will be going on at 8:45 PM. $5 entry, 21+ - 575 S Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90036. 8pm-11pm.  

Photo by Dan Wynick

Photo by Dan Wynick

APRIL 24 :: Kate' s performing at the intimate restaurant/bar Gravlax on the westside at the Philosopher Stone's Poets show. Show starts at 9 pm - Kate goes on at 10 pm. No cover. 12400 W Washington Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90066. 9pm-11pm.

APRIL 17 :: Kate is performing a few original songs at Molly Malone's on April 17. The Billy Joseph Duo + Philosopher's Stone Poets Show starts at 8 PM. Swing by! $5 entry.  575 S Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90036. 8pm-11pm.


Kate just shot the pilot "The Get" by writer Bridget Carpenter, with Amy Brenneman and Brad Garrett.


Thanks for coming out! show @ Molly malone's



Performed live music at Molly Malone's on Fairfax! 



Performing a few of my original songs at Gravlax in Culver City Thursday March 16th. My dear friend Sarah Moseley is showing her art work at 7 PM, and I will be singing at 9 PM. (This will all be muggle music - not doing any Weasley Sweaters tunes. Very excited to share a few songs from my soon-to-be-released EP!)

Tomorrow night! #art #music #girls #fun #wine #beer #love

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Follow the instructions here for your chance to win a few Potter goodies!! 


All smiles with the always radiant Liz Lopez (exec. producer) at the Pre-Oscar party for Equal Means Equal!

I was amazed by the event tonight, just by seeing the ever-growing movement of the fight for the Equal Rights Amendment & hearing the impact the documentary has had on people. I learned so much working on the team & I encourage you to watch/read/learn too!!

Start by seeing the film + taking action!

Here's where you can find your senators to call:


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Make sure you're following me on Instagram to hear more :)

I'm also reactivating my wealseysweaters Instagram for Harry Potter themed/random comedic content.


150 points to Project Heal for hosting such a magical yoga class! Proceeds from the class go to those who can't afford treatment for recovery of eating disorders. <3 

The founder of this yoga group used the HP series as a way to heal in recovery.

I didn't really know that others responded to the series in this way.

Harry Potter, during my struggles with an ed and with ptsd, was a way for me to escape & also served as a way to create -- with my videos and my music -- further helping me heal, and gain the confidence to feel secure in myself and in my body. The books were a way to take me outside of myself. And they reminded me to always 'turn on the light.' 

I haven't really opened up about this before, but I think it's important that we talk about body image and eating disorders more -- because so many women and girls suffer in silence, and it's just important to know that you are not alone. <3

It was honestly just so cool to learn of this new community. I cannot wait for the next class!

Music, stories, art, yoga -- these are all the great healers. I'm grateful everyday for the outlet that music and magic has brought me :) finding the little things that bring you joy & help you heal are so important 💕



If you haven't checked out Episode 1 of the new podcast Welcome to the Clambake -- now's the time!

I was the first guest on this feminist lady podcast where we chatted about what it means to be called an "unlikeable woman" today. I also shared updated on everything that's been going on! It was my first time composing a jingle for a podcast, so listen at the end for my music :) 


It was great to be back at my homeland of YouTube Space LA with the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media to launch GDIGM/Ford's #ShesGotDrive campaign!

I snapchatted for the Institute & drove down the red carpet :)

I also edited together a snapchat story of the event where I chatted with panelists and attendees about who they would nominate for the #ShesGotDrive campaign.

This was my sixth event snapchatting for @gdigm and I had an absolute blast! You can view a lot of the videos from these events either on my youtube channel or on the Geena Davis Facebook Page

Photography: Brian Knott

Photography: Brian Knott

los angeleS: LOCAL ACTION

With all that's going on in the world, I know that making a difference must begin at a local level. So, I've been doing a lot of activist work and volunteering lately to help get the word out about the campaign #StudentsNotSuspects. The ACLU is part of this student-led campaign! (Picture below with the ACLU director of advocacy in SoCal at a meeting with LAUSD students!)

Please view the video on my channel about #StudentsNotSuspects, and sign the ACLU petition to help end random searches in Los Angeles County Public Schools. The children of this county are being criminalized -- and children of color and lower income students are being targeted with this policy. 

I've heard from girls as young as 12 who have been detained and thrown against the wall and handcuffed (when they've done nothing wrong) - and one particular instance I heard of happened before the parents or teachers were even notified. 

I am thankful to have gone to a school where the arts programs were funded & where my teachers were adults that I trusted to help teach me writing, science, technology, music, and drama -- and I didn't have to worry about my teachers searching through my backpack, and emptying out its contents in front of the whole classroom. 

The threat of having your bags searched at random/being thrown against a wall when you are simply going to school does not make for a healthy learning environment. It's hard to learn when you're stressed out about the threat of violence from the very adults who are supposed to be teaching you/keeping you safe.

I was shocked and saddened hearing these stories of the children firsthand. Let's protect the kids in LA and join the ACLU in getting rid of this policy. Thank you!


I recently attended the Women's March on Washington. Before I left, I made a short video explaining why I decided to book a ticket home and march.

As you may know, my Voldemort Trump rap recently went viral. After that, I had many young girls writing to me about how scared they were to live in this country. Young girls who are Latina & others who identify as LGBTQ were writing to me -- these messages broke my heart. No amount of Internet hatred I am receiving over this will make me stop fighting peacefully for them and for their voices to be heard. 

I also wrote a piece on #WhyIMarch as Lord Voldemort because I am still trying to make light of this situation.

Click here to read: Why I March by Lord Voldemort


first guest on episode 1 of feminist podcast: @welcometotheclambake

I had a blast on the first episode entitled "Unlikeable Women" on Welcome to the Clambake, recorded at Nerdist in Hollywood. I talked about what it's like to be a woman on the internet, going viral, cyberbullying, and social activism! I share what it was like to see my Voldemort Trump rap go viral and the responses I got from Trump supporters and young people from around the world.

As a group, we discussed what makes a woman "unlikeable" in the world and in the entertainment industry. I walked away feeling pretty positive (perhaps due to the amount of whiskey involved) because when groups of open-hearted and driven artists get together, the world doesn't seem so dark a place. 

I also recorded the closing jingle for the podcast :) Listen on iTunes or check the link below:

Thank you to the funny feminist hosts, Lindsey Stidham & Angela Gulner for having me! (Angela and I co-starred in the film Emilia - an official selection at Stratford-upon-Avon's Shakespeare Film Festival a few years ago).

It's so important to keep having these discussions on how to be an intersectional and inclusive feminist artist/activist (what a mouthful). I am so thankful I've been able to share such insightful convos with such brilliant and talented folks!

VOLDEMORT TRUMP RAP - THANks for 200,000 Views! 

Thank you for 200,000 video views (overall) of my Voldemort Trump rap. It reminds me that we are not alone in this. I am committed to fighting hatred and bigotry with the magic of storytelling and the power of art. This was my first time seeing my video go truly viral on Facebook! Pretty magical. :)

I also recorded a follow-up video as Lord Voldemort singing 'Hallelujah' in the vein of Kate McKinnon on SNL, which you can check out on my youtube channel! Thanks to the thousands of muggles who have now watched me sing an emotional tribute in a showercap. 

music, music, music

I've been writing a lot of music lately for my EP. I can't really describe the vibe yet - as it is still in development. But I would say folk/acoustic with a dash of classical and atmospheric is the closest to what I have so far.

I have been playing piano since I was 5 years old, and was very close to studying Flute Performance at Ithaca College. I decided against auditioning, as I was drained from years of classical ensembles and had recently fallen in love with the theatre. So, I left the flute behind to study Drama, and shortly thereafter I picked up guitar to write my first Harry Potter musical parody. Writing  parodies over the years has been a way for me to keep practicing a new instrument.

In addition to writing music, I've been listening to a lot of artists I admire to try and develop the sound I want to put out in the world. Joni Mitchell is one of my faves. Here's a couple videos from my instagram where I'm working on the guitar part & the piano part for Case of You.

Wizarding World Magic!

I went to the wizarding world and had the BEST DAY EVER. I can't wait to compile all the clips into a longer vlog, but for now - I posted shorter clips to Facebook and now thousands of muggles have watched and shared the moment when I got a wand!!!! Thank you for sharing with me in this joy!!

I've been posting to much more often lately, because Facebook algorithims seem to spread my videos a lot faster than Youtube does. Give me a like over there! :) 



I've committed to getting involved at a local level in my community this year.

In the past, my activism has been at a federal level - and I am still fighting to get the Equal Rights Amendment passed. I previously worked on the documentary about the ERA, Equal Means Equal, directed by Kamala Lopez - a recent winner at Michael Moore's film festival!

I've realized that local Los Angeles issues are ways that I can have a more direct impact! I recently attended Congressmember Karen Bass's community meeting with a few other Angelenos. The cause is #StudentsNotSuspects -- and I encourage you to check out this little video I whipped up from the meeting. 

The video features Vitaly, a teacher in a continuation school, who has witnessed the effects of this damaging policy firsthand. His students were the ones who actually started the ACLU petition! The other speaker is Matt McGorry, a fellow actor/activist!

They deliver the powerful message that our students should not be subjected to daily random wandings by their own teachers -- it creates an unhealthy environment, does nothing to prevent violence in schools, and makes students feel like they are criminals in their own classrooms. 

On Facebook (, the video has been viewed over 10,000 times -- I do hope everyone signed the petition as well!

Here's the link to the ACLU petition:

I am so inspired by these kids - and I am looking forward to going into their classroom to chat about social media an activism!

some closing words on 2016

Last year was a time of immense learning for me -- of what it means to be a woman in this world -- in different parts of this world, especially. Here I am with one of the producers, Jyoti Sarda, of @equalmeansequal (the doc I worked on about the state of women in America and the *need* for the Equal Rights Amendment in this country to give women and men equal rights under federal law).

Photo by Brian Knott

Photo by Brian Knott

We happened to run into each other down at Google Venice for the Global Symposium on Gender in Media (hosted by @google and Geena Davis Institute @gdigm). This evening was a special one -- we got to see this awesome new tool premiere, which I believe will help bring change to the entertainment industry.

The tool uses facial recognition to detect how long women/men are featured in crowd scenes in film/tv, and uses audio technology to detect how long men v. women speak. 

Having the data to back up the claims that we need more women in front of and behind the camera is v important because it is cold, hard proof which can be presented to producers/writers/directors in the industry to just be like -- hey, in your next crowd scene, let's try and represent everyone equally! So simple!! 👩🏾👩🏽👩🏼👨🏾👨🏻👨🏽 The real world is half women and half men, and our programming should reflect that. #duh 🙃

The hope is that by presenting a Gender-balanced world onscreen, especially in children's programming, it will lead to an empowered generation of young people. With more women and girls on screen doing more cool stuff (like working in tech, for example), it will give young girls the idea that "if she can see it, she can be it."

And maybe one day, because a little girl saw a female president or a female computer programmer or a female doctor/scientist/CEO onscreen, then *she* will become one because she sees that *it is possible.*

Head to to learn more about what Geena Davis Institute does 👍 And to learn how the ERA could help women in the US. Phew! Thanks for reading!

Here's the video from the Symposium that I threw together (also viewable on Geena Davis' facebook - it definitely works better as a Snapchat story so hopefully the vertical format doesn't bother you too much :)


GEena davis institute holiday fundraiser

@katherineparkin on instagram:
'twas a magical evening at the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media Holiday Fundraiser!! 🎁 I have had so much fun snapchatting for @gdigm this year -- can't wait to see what's in store for 2017.
✨We will fight the bigotry and misogyny we see in the world with the power of diverse & inclusive storytelling. That's a promise 👊❤️snapchat: IfSheCanSeeIt 


emma watson & the corset of feminist fire

i wrote a piece on about corsets

Emma Watson not wearing a corset in Beauty & the Beast is *not* feminist. But JK (Rowling! ha) — maybe it is! Let’s talk about this current cultural feminist phenomena before we forget about it tomorrow. :)

Feminism is — at its core — the belief that women are people, and that we deserve the basic human rights of moving freely through the world as equals to our male counterparts.

The whole “Emma Watson not wearing a corset in Beauty and the Beast is great for women” as celebratory feminist news just doesn’t sit right with me.

Any woman who chooses to wear a corset in this day and age is just wearing a corset — we reallllly don’t have to assign whether or not that is good or bad for feminism or for women — — because what you wear or what she wears or what I wear does not define you, or her, or me.

Opehlia's Costume (pictured right)

Opehlia's Costume (pictured right)

And as soon as we start labeling clothing as good or bad for women, we are just steps away from labeling women as good or bad. It’s a slippery slope.

This becoming global news is just a little riddikulus to me, especially when there are much more pressing issues in the quest for equal rights than how tight a dress is fitting an actress.

Butttttttt I really do love that the hoopla around her corset is at least starting a conversation. 🙌 I also think the intentions behind this costume decision were coming from the right place in that women should not be restricted or constricted or forced to slim down their size to appeal to someone else’s gaze.

It’s just that we, as women, are so quick to shame other women for their choices, clothing or otherwise. I just want it to stop.

(Psst did I mention I love corsets? Shakespearean outfits are my jam. I realize this may come from it being my choice to wear one — unless it’s been for a role. But even when I’ve worn a corset for a part, I enjoyed it every time! Does that make me a bad feminist? So be it💃🏻

I also understand it’s much different now than when women were forced into wearing corsets. But I can’t help that they make me feel awesome and I won’t apologize for that. And besides, corsets today are made very differently and much more comfortably than back in the olden days.)

My idea is that we all try to shift focus from these headline-grabbing celebrity fem articles and onto the bigger issues at hand like:

•ending child marriages
•keeping weapons out of the hands of domestic abusers
•stopping the practice of female genital mutilation
•stopping the flow of human trafficking within the foster care system
•or taking action on how an Equal Rights Amendment could positively impact all women’s lives under the law in America — ya know, just girl stuff 💁

Wear whatever you want, whatever makes you feel good and comfy and happy. That’s all✨🙌

Hi! Thanks for reading! I’ve never posted one of these before.

If you caught my ‘riddikulus’ reference, let’s be friends. I am a feminist (probably a bad one), an actress, and I write Harry Potter musical parodies on youtube. Come say hi!

And I don't really go into it up there -- but I also feel it's important to say just how much a corset/costume helps me to develop and get into character. It's critical to my understanding of how that character physically moves (and thus affecting her emotionally/mentally) through the world.

But at the end of the day -- clothes are clothes. What you wear doesn't define you. It doesn't define the magical Hermione goddess that is Emma Watson either. And it certainly doesn't define me. 

Wear what makes you happy and what makes you feel good!! And then use what is in your heart and mind to go out and change the world🌎  Because feminism is about the fight for equality and ladies -- we must not pay attention to these messages from the media that are pitting us against each other and dividing us into good/bad. We need to work together to bring about change in areas of importance.

PS I personally can’t wait to see the film — the costumes look stunning and B&tB has always been one of my favorites. It’s pretty much tied for first with Lion King. And Little Mermaid. And ugh how’s a girl to choose.

other title of this article considered:

Emma Watson and Why Her Corset Isn’t Feminist or Wait is it feminist what is feminism isn’t she feminist for just deciding this as her own independent woman so it is feminist after all where’s the wine


high on film - episode 199

HARRY POTTER & THE prisoner of azkaban

Simply delighted to come back into the time-turning vortex with the awesome lads at High on Film - Chris Maxwell and Brad Davis and watch Prisoner of Azkaban, play some movie games, and do impressions.  [Explicit - parental advisory]

Check out the episode here
Chamber of Secrets episode here
Sorcerer's Stone episode here


hufflepuff puff pass

November 2016

Overjoyed & honored to play a Hufflepuff student dancing in spectrespecs in this new hip-hop video just dropped by Chris Bramante & Dax Schaffer. 

[Explicit lyrics so watch with a parent/your godfather who just escaped from wizard prison] <333



November 2016

Snapchatted for the Geena Davis Institute at the "Inclusion Beyond Acceptance" event co-hosted by CBS Ent. Diversity - held at CBS Radford Studios.

Pictured below with Shohreh Aghdashloo -- she spoke of her time in politics before transitioning into a career in the arts. She said: "...I cannot fight. My weapon is my art." We also heard from fellow panelists Victoria Mahoney & Brian Yang. Such an inspiring evening! 

Full video is avail on Geena Davis Institute:

  •  follow @gdigm on instagram
  • IfSheCanSeeIt on Snapchat 


Hallelujah by voldemort

November 2016

Halllelujah 🎶 Voldemort wanted to sing Avada Kedavra for the chorus but I found that slightly inappropriate ☠️🐍 also, Kate McKinnon is a goddess and i cried forever when I watched her on SNL yesterday and was thus inspired to learn this. and thank you for the support on the Voldemort Trump rap -- Love you all. You're bringing me hope through this.



Thanks Youtube Space LA for having me! It was a dream come true to walk the red carpet as "Petrified Hermione" :)&nbsp;

Thanks Youtube Space LA for having me! It was a dream come true to walk the red carpet as "Petrified Hermione" :) 

voldemort + Trump rap RELEASE

october 2016

Lord Voldemort for President (Voldemort Nagini 2016)

I was re-reading Deathly Hallows & was struck by the many parallels between the rise to power of both Lord Voldemort and Donald Trump, and this sorta just wrote itself.

I wrote the lyrics and did the underlying score on keys (variations on Hedwig's Theme & Harry's Wondrous World by John Williams). 

Please vote. November 8th.

"If you grab her by the phoenix, I'll grab you the wand"
Phoenix grabs back, am I rite?

global symposium on gender in media

october 2016

instagram @katherineparkin - with Wellington the Golden Doodle at Google :)

instagram @katherineparkin - with Wellington the Golden Doodle at Google :)

Kate attended the Global Symposium on Gender in Media at Google L.A. 

She snapchatted for the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media through the Snapchat: IfSheCanSeeIt.

it was incredible to see the new Google tool at work at the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media Global Symposium on Gender in Media - here's a short clip of how it works! (w/ Christy Lee Hughes 💖)
I truly believe that the fusion of tech & entertainment can help to bring about a more gender balanced world. I am excited for the future when young girls will see more of *themselves* represented onscreen 🎬 
When I was growing up, I had characters like Hermione Granger & the Weasley ladies to look up to and emulate in my own life. I've learned that books, tv, and film influence so much of what/who we become.

I know I wouldn't be who I am today without JK Rowling's characters to lay out some basic groundwork. :) I think it is necessary to feature more women and girls from a vast array of experiences, abilities, and backgrounds onscreen to show young girls everywhere that: "if she can see it, she can be it" 🌎 
follow IfSheCanSeeIt on Snapchat - the Symposium story will be replayed quite a bit so you can come behind the scenes 🤗
“The GD-IQ is an extraordinary tool that gives us the power to uncover unconscious gender bias with a depth that had never been possible to date. Our hope is that we can use this technology to push the boundaries of how we identify the representation imbalance in media. Media that is more representative of our society not only fosters a more inclusive industry, but by increasing the number and diversity of female leaders and role models on screen, content creators are affecting the ambitions and career aspirations of young girls and young women everywhere. If she can see it, she can be it." - Geena Davis

The GD-IQ was developed to more accurately measure gender representation in film. We find that female characters continue to be unrepresented in popular film, and when they are present, they have far less screen time and speaking time. This means that simply adding more female characters into films is not enough. To truly address gender inequity, female characters need to be seen and heard as often as their male counterparts.

youtube space la + Geena davis institute + pottermore quiz

September - OCTOBER 2016

On the board at YouTubeSpace LA!

On the board at YouTubeSpace LA!

Kate was invited to YouTube Space LA after hitting the 10,000 subscriber mark on her youtube channel! She was able to connect with other creators and learn more about the youtube landscape. :)

She released a Pottermore Patronus test reaction vlog on her channel in excitement over the new JK Rowling quiz. 

Kate snapchatted the private screening Q&A with director Otto Bell and the family in The Eagle Huntress for the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media. Such an inspiring film! You can follow the story on snapchat: IfSheCanSeeIt. (Kate's own snapchat for daily characters & musical snippets: totallykato)

From Kate's instagram:  @katherineparkin

From Kate's instagram: @katherineparkin

Photos are now up from the snapchat launch of IfSheCanSeeit from the See Jane Salon "In a League of Their Own: Sports for Social Change" with women of Fox Sports held in Santa Monica at the Fairmont Miramar Hotel. 

Launched the SeeJane Snapchat:&nbsp;IfSheCanSeeIt for the  Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media

Launched the SeeJane Snapchat: IfSheCanSeeIt for the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media


equal means equal premiere

AUGUST 30, 2016

Premiere of Equal Means Equal at the Laemlle Music Hall in Beverly Hills!

As a part of the EME team, Kate is thrilled for the documentary to screen across the country. It will be available on iTunes and Amazon September 6th.

Released an acoustic cover of Youth by Daughter on her youtube channel.

Kate is writing and self-recording demos & the makings of an EP. Follow her on instagram to see musical snippets.

Thank you for the support on Harry Potter-GO!  -- weasleysweaters fans have been very excited about the prospect of a Potter virtual reality game!

"potter-go" + Pokemon-GO parody 

AUGUST 15, 2016

Harry Potter-GO! is making its rounds across the interwebs and across the pond! 

Feature in HelloGiggles - a positive online community for women

Another feature in SweetyHigh - an interactive online community for teen/tween girls

Featured on UK Heart Radio - station based in London

Interview with High on Film - film podcast discussion of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets & behind the scenes of Harry Potter-GO!

Check out High on Film's episode 184 on iTunes - Kate watches Chamber of Secrets with the guys, discusses her recent 'Ravenclaw/Gryffindor existential sorting hat crisis', and does a few Harry Potter impressions!

Kate previously was a guest on High on Film where they discuss Harry Potter & the Sorcerer's Stone - check episode 128 for more magic! 

(Available on iTunes or at

Just released a new acoustic cover on my channel of Youth by Daughter. Available now on youtube!

july 31st - potter go (harry potter + pokemon go parody)


June/july - GEena davis institute + snapchat + in production of parody + recording music 


Launched Snapchat "IfSheCanSeeIt" for The Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media at the event, "In a League of Their Own: Sports for Social Change." 

Created a Snapchat video with the mermaid filter of Ariel retaliating against her father through a deconstruction of "Part of Your World.'

Went into pre-production of a new Harry Potter parody.

Hard at work on recording EP. Shared an original song in a camping trip vlog.


Still recording snippets of covers featured on my instagram.


I have been busy writing and recording music & auditioning! On my instagram, I've been posting a lot of new music clips so head over there to listen to original songs & parodies, and to see some snapshots of life in LA.
I've been posting some variations of an acoustic cover of "California" by Phantom Planet. It's sort of my love song to California. I have been spending some time traveling up the coast and connecting with this beautiful state, and as an homage to this place that is my new home, I want to create a music video that pays tribute to the land. Here's a live clip of me singing to the birds up in Morro Bay :)

Here are some additional clips recorded live, very raw at home:

I also attended Harry Potter Roller Skating Night dressed up as a golden snitch and it was a supremely divine evening. Being around the magical, positive energy of dedicated fans was really special.  It felt like being back at the midnight releases of the books/films again. :)

Here's a fun little vlog about the evening that I released on my youtube channel!

You can also check out the ABC7 video & try to find me!!  (Hint: I'm very close to the beginning. Ironically, I do not open at the close.)

*If you understand that reference, you are my favorite person.

**And if you can catch me in the video, you get 150 points!!


MARCH 2016 - runyon canyon vlog 


Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 12.37.31 AM.png

This month, I released a video on my youtube channel in which I play a West Hollywood yoga enthusiast who is devastated that Runyon Canyon, a beloved hiking spot, has been closed for four months. I filmed it "vlog" style, and was interested to see if people would think it was real. 

Since releasing my fake emotional breakdown regarding the closing of the beloved Los Angeles hiking trail, in which my character questions her existence now that she and her gluten-free shih-tzu named Gwenyth are forever banished to Griffith Park, I have received many well-wishes from concerned weasleysweaters fans & several therapist recommendations.

Most people, including my very own father, thought the vlog was a real video & emailed me in fear that I had lost my mind. (Dad, you know my apartment doesn't allow pets so why did you think I owned a rescue purebred shih-tzu named Gwenyth?? #dads)

I truly thank you for all of your concern and psychological evaluations!!
It was an interesting experiment to see what people think is real vs. fake on the Internet.  

**This is not a paid advertisement for Dr. J. I'm keeping his name up there just in case anyone needs a therapist. I have no idea if he's good, but this person seems to think so. ****Further side-note: If you're ever going through a hard time , it's always okay to ask for help. :) 

 I also received a wonderful message from a user named Anna on youtube: "Think about happy things we are all sad."  PURE WISDOM IN THE WEASLEYSWEATERS COMMENTS SECTION. I think I need to write that above my mirror and repeat it throughout the day. #mantra #livelaughlove #amibeingironic #alanis

Some could not be fooled. 

1) Maybe I should use this video as my new theatrical reel. 

2) Erin gets me.

Thank you all for watching and reading and listening.  :) 


JANUARY/FEBRUARY - alan rickman

I wrote a song entitled "Always" as a tribute to Alan Rickman, which I shared on my youtube channel. 

I also recorded a vlog, which is a bit atypical for me, but I wanted to share my thoughts with the Harry Potter community.

Music is how I process all the tough stuff in my life, and although I never knew Alan Rickman, he was a true inspiration to me as a classical actor and storyteller, and this song was my way of processing his death.

I was so touched by the other Harry Potter fans who reached out to me after I shared this video.  It made me think a lot about how music can help us heal and connect us through the pain/sadness. 

I encourage you to read some of the comments on the video to see how we, as the HP community, came together to grieve and commemorate him. 

I was nervous about sharing an original song, but seeing how it helped others process the loss made it all worth it. Sending love to you all. 

NOVEmber - DECEMBER 2015

I am extremely excited to announce that I have over 10,000 subscribers on my YouTube channel! This means that I now have access to using YouTubeSpace LA for filming. I can't wait!  My video views now exceed 2 million overall (!!!!!).  Thank you SO much for watching and sharing and being so supportive. It keeps me going. <3

I'm also hard at work recording my EP and working on some new parodies.

Here's a cover of The Civil War's "Poison & Wine" I recorded live & later added harmonies to. :) 


September - october 2015

I am very, very pleased to announce that I am now represented by Darlene Kaplan Entertainment and SMS Talent! 

I've been meeting with various studios and going out on a bunch of auditions! It's been a whirlwind two months. Having dreams come true all over the place. :)

I'm on instagram! I've been posting some snippets of songs I'm working on & updating a bit about the going-ons of my daily life in LA. 


My Taylor Swift + Harry Potter Mashup has gone viral!

Featured in: Entertainment Weekly, TIME, LA Times, Billboard Magazine, MTV, Seventeen Magazine, ELLE, A.V. Club, Bustle, Refinery29, Cosmopolitan Philippines, CNET, PopSugar, Buzzfeed, The Daily Dot, Huffington Post UK and US, EliteDaily, OnAir with Ryan Seacrest,  and was trending on the front page of Yahoo! News. Purely magical!  


july 2015

Performed at Samuel French in Hollywood as part of Los Angeles Female Playwrights Initiative/Little Black Dress INK's 4th Annual Female Playwrights Onstage Project "Outside the Lines" on July 11th. I played a feisty 'Virgin Mary' in An Announcement by Nancy Cooper Frank, and a 'trying-so-hard-to-be-the-perfect-mother' in Delia Whitehead's Green Dog -- both pieces were directed by MaryJo DuPrey. 

I loved being able to help bring to life some of these outstanding pieces by on-the-rise female writers! More info about this fantastic festival is on Little Black Dress INK's website here. (And I will post photos soon!)

Joined gentlemen Chris Maxwell & Brad Davis on their podcast high on film! We watched Harry Potter & the Sorcerer's Stone and then played magical games and discussed the whimsical world of Harry Potter.  Check out the podcast here! 

JUNE 2015

Released a cover of "Pumped Up Kicks" by Foster the People. 


may 2015

Had a great photoshoot to kickstart the summer! Check out new headshots & pics. Here's one from the shoot:



I have reached 1 million views on my YouTube Channel!

Released a video compilation: Harry Potter dubsmash. It's silly. 

Released a new cover to "I Will Follow You into the Dark" -- check it out here: 

MARCH 2015 - ENd of the run

Last show of Boys' Life Friday March 6 @ 8 pm & Fighting Mr. Right Sunday March 8 @ 3 pm - Theatre Asylum in Hollywood. Tickets available here.

Kate Parkin with Jeff Kongs in&nbsp; Fighting Mr. Right &nbsp;by Barbara Lindsay

Kate Parkin with Jeff Kongs in Fighting Mr. Right by Barbara Lindsay

I will be attending the Los Angeles County Women of the Year Awards on March 9 in honor of Kamala Lopez who I nominated for the award in the Media/Arts category! Kamala is the director of the documentary #EqualMeansEqual (I've been working on social media for EME & the non-profit associated with it, The ERA Education Project).


Playing Marla in Fighting Mr. Right by Barbara Lindsay every Sunday @ 3 PM February 8 - March 8.

In Boy's Life, I'm playing Maggie, in the East Siders Cast. Play is running @ 8 PM: Feb 6, 7, 14, 20, 28 + March 6.

Both shows are playing at The Elephant Theatre - Theatre Asylum. 1078 N. Lillian Way, Los Angeles 90038.


In rehearsal for Boy's Life and the One Act Play Festival with New American Theatre. Will be performing as Maggie in Boy's Life - the show opens soon!

The show is double-cast - Kate will be performing on these dates: February 6, 7, 14, 20, 28, March 6.

 Ticketing/info here:

Will also perform once again as Marla in Fighting Mr. Right as part of New American's One Act Play Festival in Feb/March.

November 2014 - Cast in Boy's Life & One Act Play Fest. + 900,000 Views for YouTube Channel!!

Cast as Maggie in Boy's Life with The New American Theatre Company and will be performing once again as Marla in Fighting Mr. Right as part of the company's One Act Play Festival at the start of the new year. Productions will run in February/March.

Just exceeded 900,000 views and 5,000 subscribers on my YouTube channel!!

The new trailer for the documentary I'm working on (Equal Means Equal dir. by Kamala Lopez ) was just released and now has over 3,000 views. The documentary was featured in Marie Claire's November issue!  We are in currently in post-production. #EqualMeansEqual

Marie Claire Feature.png


Lastly - Othello at The Odyssey was sadly cancelled before it reached opening night.

October 2014 - Official Selection & Official Entry @ Shakespeare Film Fest + Othello at The Odyssey

Emilia - directed by Hugo Martin, starring myself & Angela Gulner - is an Official Entry in the Shakespeare on Film Festival in Stratford Upon Avon. Link here.

Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 5.18.56 PM.png


juliet - directed/starring myself - a vlog-style Romeo & Juliet - is an Official Selection for the same fest!

Opening for Othello at The Odyssey Theatre is pushed back one week -- show will open October 25 and run through December. Tickets available on The Odyssey website.

Shot another episode of ABC's The Middle (Ep. The College Tour).

September 2014 - ABC's The Middle  + AT&T Spec Commercial + Othello at The Odyssey

Shot for ABC's The Middle (Ep. The Table).

Filmed an AT&T spec commercial, called "The Wheel," directed by Charlie Wachtel. Link here.

Rehearsals in full force for Othello at The Odyssey.

August 2014 - Pilot Read-Through + Cast in Othello at The Odyssey Theatre

Performed in a reading for the pilot 'Strangers' by Joshua Milus as AJ at Second City in Hollywood.

Cast as Bianca in the The Odyssey Theatre's production of William Shakespeare's Othello directed by John Perrin Flynn. Rehearsals beginning now and show runs October 11 - December 14.

YouTube channel views have now exceeded 800,000!! 

July 2014 - Photoshoot + Shakespeare Film Fest + Frozen video 30k + views!

Did a photoshoot in Venice Beach for the high quality backpack/ipad cases/rucksack company stone + cloth. Check out the shots in the photos section!

Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 1.53.17 PM.png


Finished shooting Emilia - a short film based on text from Othello - for the Filming Shakespeare Festival, the world's first Shakespeare Film Festival, with Angela Gulner - directed by Hugo Martin.

Finished shooting juliet - a solo submission for the Filming Shakespeare Festival. The concept is that young millenial Juliet kept a video diary. After living the past few years with a double life on youtube, it seemed only natural to film a short in the 'vlog style.'  

The Harry Potter parody from Frozen - Do You Wanna Build a Horcrux - has soared past 30,000 views this week on my channel! It was released 2 months ago, so it's gaining speed. Thanks to all the Disney and Harry Potter fans for watching & sharing!

Released a cover of Stay With Me by Sam Smith on my youtube channel as well.

June 2014 - One Act Play Festival + Film Screenings

Performed in the New American Theatre One Act Play Festival at the VS Theatre in "Fighting Mr. Right" by Barbara Lindsay over two weekends in the beginning of June. It was a BLAST.

Death, Kind Of directed by Nathaniel Deuber had its screening in the beginning of June! You can view stills from the film in the 'photos' section.

Masquerade directed by Mikayla Wieseman will screen on Friday, June 20. 

May 2014 - Harry Potter Parody of Disney's Frozen + Hookman + DVD Release of Love & Teleportation + Scene Showcase

Will be performing in New American Theatre Company's scene showcase on Thursday May 29 & Thursday June 5. She will be playing Karen in a scene from "Children's Hour" by Lillian Hellman.

Performed in a workshop reading for HOOKMAN by Lauren Yee on Friday May 9 and Friday May 16 at the VS Theatre at 8 PM for The New American Theatre Company Staged Reading Series. Tickets are available here:

Started off the month with a new Harry Potter parody released via - it's a parody of the song "Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?" from Disney's Frozen. Wrote it from the perspective of Lord Voldemort - called "Do You Wanna Build a Horcrux?"  (Did lyrics/vocals/editing.) 5,000 views & counting! It can be viewed here:

Love & Teleportation (directed by Troy McGatlin) is now available on DVD. Get your copies here!!online-store/c1iv3

April 2014 - Fresh Produc'd Performance + Final VO + Hookman

Performed as Christy in It's Just Lunch by Mercedes Segesvary with Fresh Produc'd as a guest artist. The play was adapted from the film Meet My Rapist by Jessie Kahnweiler (which has been circulating around  Huffington Post! So proud to have worked on a project that opens up the conversation about rape culture - you can check out Jessie's interview on HuffPost Live).

Performed as 'Juliet' from Romeo & Juliet as part of 'Shakespeare 450' through Digital Stage -- a YouTube project collecting Shakespeare monologues in honor of the bard's birthday! It can be viewed here:

Did final VO work for Masquerade (for the character of Nora when she is in her 'animated world.')

Rehearsals for Hookman -- will be performing the play in a workshop reading on Friday May 9 and Friday May 16.

March 2014 - One Act Play Festival at The Odyssey + wrapped two films + start of rehearsals + working with Fresh Produc'd 

Finished shooting Death, Kind Of and Masquerade!

Performed as Marla in Fighting Mr. Right at the One Act Play Festival at The Odyssey Theatre with The New American Theatre. It was a sold out house! The play has been chosen to go on to the next one act festival in a few months time.

Started rehearsing for Hookman by Lauren Yee. 

Cast in It's Just Lunch as Christy as part of next month's show for Fresh Produc'd. Performance will be at The Actor's Company space at 916 Formosa on Thursday, April 17. 

February 2014 - Cast in two shorts + one play + new Harry Potter Song featured on Mugglenet!

Kate's been cast in two short films, both shooting in March: 

Masquerade by Mikayla Wiseman - playing Nora, a deeply troubled sixteen year old trapped in an escapist fantasy world (a combination live-action/animation short)

Death, Kind Of by Tanner Sawitz - playing Evie, a recent widow confronted by the "ghost" of her husband

Hookman by Lauren Yee - playing Jess, college freshman. A new psycho-thriller play being workshopped with New American Theatre at The Odyssey.

Also...Kate was asked by Mugglenet (the #1 Harry Potter Online News Source) to create a song and video for the half-time show at the 483 1/2 Wizard Olympics. She shot/edited a music video to go along with her original song entitled "483 1/2," which can be found on her YouTube channel weasleysweaters. She plays the ukulele and looks for a portkey to get her to Sochi in the video. Fun!

January 2014 - New Year with The New American Theatre!

Kate's continuing her work with The New American Theatre Company this year (in residence at The Odyssey Theatre). She's been cast in the One Act Play Festival that will take place on March 16 at The Odyssey. She's also continuing studio classes with her glorious teachers Jack Stehlin and Alfred Molina.

December 2013 - Adoration of Dora Performance

Kate performed as Dora in Adoration of Dora in the art space Forest & One during the December ArtWalk in Laguna Beach. The play, by Lojo Simon, is about one of Picasso's muses, Dora Maar, who was also an artist in her own right. Directed by Dani Bedau. 

November 2013 - YouTube Releases + Dora

On her youtube channel, weasleysweaters, Kate completed an Indie Go Go campaign for her next parody music videos! She also released several covers of songs (Yellow by Coldplay, The Only Exception by Paramore, Sweater Weather by The Neighbourhood, and Pompeii by Bastille).

October 2013 - Distribution for Love & Teleportation + Start of Dora Rehearsals

The film Kate shot back in 2012, Love & Teleportation directed by Troy McGatlin, now has digital and VOD distribution! She's also about to jump into more rehearsals for Adoration of Dora in preparation for the staged reading performances in Laguna Beach in December.

September 2013 - "Gryffindor" Parody of "Roar" by Katy Perry Released 

Kate released "Gryffindor," a music video parody of "Roar" by Katy Perry. She also recorded a cover of Dave Matthews' cover of "Come Away," a speech from Shakespeare's Twelfth Night put to music. She is currently hard at work on her first album of non-parody songs, but will continue to release more covers/parodies via weasleysweaters while creating new music of her own.

August 2013 - Staged Reading of Adoration of Dora in Laguna Beach

Kate will be playing Dora in An Adoration of Dora by Lojo Simon directed by Dani Bedau in a staged reading project in Laguna Beach on August 24th and August 26th. The reading will be open to the public as part of the process.

July 2013 - Game of Thrones Parody Released / Comic-Con

Kate released her first Game of Thrones parody on her youtube channel, weasleysweaters. In her two years on youtube doing only Harry Potter parodies, this is her first venture out into the "realm." Her music video parody is a (nearly) shot-for-shot remake of the new hit "Royals" by Lorde. Kate's is called "Royals" by Daenerys (a very notable character on Game of Thrones). She also released a couple of acoustic versions to the songs, as well as behind the scenes footage and comedic sketches as a modern day Daenerys Targareyn. Kate also found herself at Comic-Con this month, and was delighted to be surrounded by awesome nerds like herself. 

June 2013 - Opening of A Midsummer Night's Dream at The Odyssey Theatre

Playing at The Odyssey now through June 30th! Get tix: 310-477-2055 or visit

Click: Read the review here!

"Among the talented cast, the young lovers particularly stand out: Kate Parkin as Helena, Lily Marks as Hermia, Josh Heine as Demetrius and Noah James as Lysander. They get into some splendid arguments and fights, just like siblings do. Parkin’s body language is wonderfully expressive and her denunciation of Marks is particularly passionate." -LA Stage & Cinema

May 2013 - Live Performance at Whimsic Alley 

Kate made her first live appearance as her magical alias Weasley Sweaters at Whimsic Alley, the Harry Potter store in Los Angeles, as part of their annual "Wizards Craft Faire." You can check out a video on her YouTube channel of her performance of one of her Harry Potter parodies, "What Makes You Magical," in the Great Hall itself!

April 2013 - Playing Helena in A Midsummer Night's Dream with The New American Theatre

Kate is thrilled to be playing Helena The New American Theatre's production of A Midsummer Night's Dream, directed by Jack Stehlin with dramaturg Alfred Molina. Rehearsals are in full swing, and the play will be opening in June at The Odyssey Theatre. Tickets will be on sale soon!

April 2013 - Cups: Pitch Perfect Music Video Released  

The music video that Kate shot with Anna Kendrick, directed by Jason Moore, last month has been released. It has already received 8 million hits on youtube! Click here to watch the video, and spot Kate cupping away at the counter in the diner! (She is glad to have fine-tuned her cup skills with her Harry Potter cups video that got her the audition in the first place!  Click here to watch Kate's version!)

April 2013 - Company Member of The New American Theatre 

Kate is now a company member of The New American Theatre (Artistic Director Jack Stehlin). 

March 2013 - 24 Hour Festival with Theatre Unleashed

Kate performed as Sarah in "Seriously, We're Sisters," a play by Dana Leigh Lyman, directed by Bethy Poluikis as part of the 24 hour play festival, "Acting Our Age" at Theatre Unleashed in Hollywood.

March 2013 - Cast in "Cups" Music Video with Anna Kendrick

Kate shot the "Cups" music video with Anna Kendrick, directed by Jason Moore, to be released in April.  
Februrary 2013 - "Cups" Harry Potter Parody Released

Her newest parody to "When I'm Gone" by Lulu and the Lampshades (also known as the "Cups" song by Anna Kendrick in Pitch Perfect) appeared on Mugglenet. It received 10,000 views in its first month!  

January 2013 - Over Half a Million YouTube Views / Film Festival

Kate's YouTube channel weasleysweaters has reached over half a million views! 
The feature film Love & Teleportation, which Kate shot last year, played at the Boston Science Fiction Film Festival.

December 2012 - Annie Grindlay Studio

Kate began classes at Annie Grindlay's studio this month. 

November 2012 - Screening of "Love and Teleportation"

Kate attended the screening of "Love and Teleporation" directed by Troy McGatlin, her first feature film! (She was thrilled to see "Introducing Kate Parkin" in the opening credits!) The film is currently being submitted to festivals around the country. 

October 31st, 2012 - "Your Home" Harry Potter Parody Released - Featured on Mugglenet!

To celebrate Halloween (a magical day for Harry Potter fans around the world), Kate released her latest project, "Your Home" by Weasley Sweaters ft. Wiz-ard Kedavra, a full music video parody to "Payphone" by Maroon 5 ft. Wiz Khalifa. It was featured on Mugglenet's homepage. 

August 2012 - "Broomsticks" Parody of "Starships" by Nicki Minaj 

Kate's newest parody, "Broomsticks (Starkids)" to Nicki Minaj's "Starships" was featured on Mugglenet! She also did her first interview with the Starkid Appreciation Blog, "The Weekly Starkid." She discusses the impact that Starkid Productions (the legendary group that performed A Very Potter Musical) had on releasing her parodies to the YouTube world.  Click here to read!

August 2012 - Q Talent

Kate is now with Q Talent for Commercial/Print representation.

June 2012 - Featured on Huffington Post's "Harry Potter 15th Anniversary: 15 Things The Boy Wizard is Reponsible For"

Her video is alongside the article (you may click the link above to view it on HuffPost UK!):

An Entire Generation Sharing Their Adolescence With Harry Potter
"For some people, including parts of HuffPost UK Culture, vast amounts of adolescence was echoed in Harry Potter's fictional birthdays. WIth one book being produced roughly per year, hardened fans will argue that they grew up alongside Harry Potter, but without any talking fireplace apparitions to give them sound advice. For younger generations of readers, the affect is still clearly felt, as this YouTube Harry Potter songstress will concede."

June 2012 - "What Makes You Magical" Featured on MuggleNet - The #1 Harry Potter News Source

"YouTube user Weasley Sweaters would "knit you one if she knew how to knit" but guess what - she could really just sing you a song instead! Performing her own Potter rewrite of One Direction's new hit, "What Makes You Beautiful," Kate hits all the right notes while playing the song acoustically."

June 2012 - New Harry Potter Parody "What Makes You Magical"  to One Direction's "What Makes You Beautiful"

Kate released her latest magical parody on her YouTube channel. Her videos now exceed 400,000 views!

June 2012 - Print Shoot

Kate just completed her first print shoot for USAA (3star Productions).

March 2012  - Proud Member of SAG-AFTRA!

Kate is happy to announce that she is now a member of the newly merged SAG-AFTRA.

March 2012  - Staged Reading: "Play What's Not There"

Kate read for the part of 'Beatrice Long' in the premiere of "Play What's Not There" by William Thomas, M.D. at the ACGME conference in Orlando, Florida last week.

"Meet five physicians at various stages of their careers, living with stress, family life, work demands, dreams, and destiny. Beatrice, a talented medical student with high ideals - seeks balance between a career in medicine and the rest of her life. Offered a residency position in the scramble, she must make a quick decision. Her choice ultimately affects the lives of four other physicians.  As she explores her options, we begin to see the impact of our own choices on our careers, families, dreams and personal well-being."

Kate is very grateful to have been a part of this play's journey in its early stages. 

(For those in Minnesota - the play will next be performed in a reading at the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis in June, so check it out!) 

February 2012  - Cast in a Reading--Off to Orlando!

Kate was just cast in the role of Beatrice Long in "Play What's Not There," a play by William Thomas, M.D. She will be flying to Orlando this week to perform in a staged reading of the play for the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education. 

February 2012 - One Month in Hollywood

Kate has had a very busy first month out in Los Angeles! She wrapped filming on the SAG independent feature "Love and Teleportation," directed by Troy McGatlin. She had a blast on set with the wonderful cast and crew, and is very thankful to have begun her career out on the west coast with such a talented group of people.

December 2011 - First Commercial Shoot & Cast in SAG Film!

Kate is thrilled to have received her first role in a SAG film. The independent feature film "Love and Teleportation," written & directed by Troy McGatlin, will be filming in January in Los Angeles.

In other news, Kate recently played a patient in a commercial for a local integrative medicine practice in the Washington, D.C. area. As Kate will be relocating to Los Angeles in the new year, this was her last project on the east coast. However, she is looking forward to recording another parody video or two before she moves out west! She is astounded to have received over 300,000 views on her videos thus far, and is hard at work on planning her next parody videos. She is looking forward to what lies ahead in the new year on a new coast! 

August 2011 - Video Gone Viral!

With the Harry Potter film franchise coming to a close, Kate decided to record her first official music video in honor of the books that started it all. A parody of "The Lazy Song" by Bruno Mars, "The Harry Song" is an ode to the magic of reading. Kate wrote and recorded the instrumental and vocal tracks before enlisting the help of four loyal friends to don the masks of the Marauders and dance with Harry Potter books (an allusion to the dancing monkeys in Bruno Mars' video). The video made a Top 10 Best Harry Potter Parody list on Idolator, and since its release in mid-July, has had 60,000 views (and still counting)! 

May 2011 - Magical Music: Wizard Rock

Over the past few months, Kate has been writing lyrics to modern pop songs in a magical fashion. These "wizard rock" songs, or Harry Potter parody songs, have had thousands of views on YouTube. She began writing them just for fun, not expecting a wide audience base. Her most recent parody video, "Avada" (Judas - Lady Gaga), was blogged about on MuggleNet, the "#1 Harry Potter source" on the internet. Kate was also just nominated for two Wizzies (Wizard Rock Awards). She is up for Best Female Vocalist and Best New Wrock Band. She will perform in the Wizzies live web-streaming awards show in July. 

April 2011 - Staged Reading of The Storehouse

Kate performed as Anna in a staged reading of The Storehouse, a new work Michael Silver. The play was presented at the Howard County Historical Society, and will be workshopped again before it premieres through Artists' Initiative at the D.C. Capital Fringe Festival this summer.